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In my home town, there is a beautiful rural town called Higashiwra.
Odainokata was born in a fortress in Higashiwra in 1528.

Centering on Higashiwra-town located at the root of Chita - Peninsula, Kariya and Okazaki cities in the West Mikawa and neighoring towns, I would like to tell my own stories as to the life of Odainokata, mother of shogun TOKUGAWA IEYASU.

From ancient days to modern days, these areas are playing important roles. In these days, Kariya city is well known as the location of Toyota related manufacturing companies , and Okazaki still remains the tradition of the castle - town. Especially my home town Higashiwra,the air is clean and the time flows gently in this hilly town.

The subtle salty smell of the wind from the Kinuura bay is very nice. Recently, Higashiwra grape, Kyoho, is well known in Tokoyo. Odai - Festival is held in every late April on a large scale.

Riding on JR Taketoyo-Line via Ohbu station and JR Owari Morioka station, where my parents home is located, getting off at Ogawa station, there are the site of Ogawa-fortress where Odainokata was born, and Kenkoin temple is located near the site of the fortress.

I do remember very well the festval (NIRVANA-FESTIVAL)locally called KENKOESAN held at Kenkoin temple on March 15th every year, and I used to make it a rule to visit the festival with my small pocket money given by my parents or grand father and mother untill the third year of my junior high school.

Many many stalls selling flowers ,candies, drinks and etc.,etc., appear on the festival day in and around Kenkoin - temple. It is a very bustling festival.

In the age of civil wars, these area including Kariya-Kijyo were just in between the Oda and the Imagawa who extended his territory to the east Mikawa. Accordingly,these area were continuously involved in wars.

Other stories come soon. Please wait.

Translator of This Story is Mr. Tashiro Endou.
He is my old Friend in Higashiura-cho OGAWA.
Thank you very match for him!

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